PORTO (PT), 1975
Tiago Fortuna

Tiago Fortuna was born in Oporto in 1975. He was a mountain biking pioneer in Portugal, activity that he practices since the age of 11. He promoted several clubs and youth associations, linked to nature and adventure sports, as well as organizing several outdoor events in Portugal and abroad. Tiago worked as an all-terrain vehicle monitor in several European countries and he used to organize expeditions to Morocco. He is a pilot of a hot air balloon.

PORTO (PT), 1982
Isabel Oliveira

Isabel Oliveira was born in Oporto in 1982. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, she is the manager of this project par excellence. At one point of her life, she discovers the thrills of outdoor activities and since then, she is into mountain walking as well as bike touring. She is also an enthusiast of sea kayaking, having participated in several activities in different countries.

PICO (PT), 1974
Ceclia Melo
Cecilia Melo was born on Pico island (Azores) in 1974. Graduated and PhD (in progress) in the area of biology, and training as a yoga instructor, is in the fields of the islands that finds its natural habitat. The taste between knowing and feeling led her to make a fusion between guided walking tours with a scientific eye and experience the senses through contemplation and practice of yoga in nature.
PORTO (PT), 1975
Fernando Silva

Fernando Silva was born in Oporto and has a degree in Fine Arts - Painting. He's the perfectionist artist and works in 3DStudio. He develops several projects and produces complex works, dealing with all the details from conception to final delivery. He is a Rock Climbing enthusiast.

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